About us
About Mihan Aluminum Ghadir

Mihan Aluminum Ghadir brand started its life in 1985 in a relative group. Now Mihan Aluminum Ghadir company, also known by its acronym MAG, has been able to be one of the top manufacturers of aluminum profiles in the country with more than 4 years of experience.

 During these years, with great effort and perseverance, we were able to set up two well-equipped factories with more than 30,000 square meters of land from a workshop of 20 square meters. Each of these factories consists of 17 separate sections in each unit including molding unit, aluminum billet casting, aluminum extruding unit, surface service units, etc.

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Our Services
Mihan Aluminum Ghadir services

Mihan Aluminum Ghadir is proud to provide services including all stages of aluminum profiles production, especially extrusion molding, to precious applicants and customers with more than four decades of experience.

It can be said that our strength and capability in the manufacture of extrusion molds has led us to take a timeless path in the production of all kinds of aluminum profiles.

In addition, our services are not limited to molding on the way to providing aluminum profile production from A to Z but also include other steps such as casting, extrusion press and implementation of a variety of superficial operations including anodizing, brushing, polishing, powder paint or electrostatic, decorative (wood design) and etc.

Our Products
Mihan Aluminum Ghadir products

Considering the extensive Mihan Aluminum Ghadir services from A to Z in the aluminum profiles production, we must say that the number and types of products produced by the company are not limited at all, though according to the idea, design and customer’s request, we are able to produce the ordered aluminum profiles. In this regard, we can only categorize this huge range of products into 4 main categories of construction, industrial, general and proprietary aluminum profiles.

Visit our products pageto view all products and their different categories.

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Our Goals
Vision, goals of Ghadir Aluminum homeland

By producing high-quality aluminum profiles in accordance with international standards, Ghadir Aluminum family aims to strengthen its effective presence in the field of international markets, in addition to attracting potential customers of domestic markets, a wide range of production that meets the needs of consumers and customers in all countries. industries and all societies.

We at Ghadir Aluminum Homeland, our effort is to keep an eye on this vision and by using all our passion, talent and ability to create added value to gain the satisfaction of our customers as much as possible.

If you have any questions, doubts or to register your order through our contact page, please contact our sales experts.