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The largest producer of exclusive sections in Iran

Mihan Aluminum Ghadir company experienced in the field of extrusion molding and production of aluminum profiles for more than four decades, has taken an effective step in promoting the new industry of designation and manufacture of aluminum molds, production of aluminum profiles, powder paints and anodizing of this product.

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Mihan Aluminum Ghadir, the executor of aluminum profiles from A to Z ranging from the design and molding of aluminum profiles to the assembly and surface services of profiles, covers the production of aluminum profiles needed in all industries.

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About Ghadir aluminum homeland
Mihan Aluminum Ghadir company experienced in the field of extrusion molding and production of aluminum profiles for more than four decades

Mihan Aluminum Ghadir company with four decades of activity in the field of aluminum profile molding and producing various types of aluminum profiles, in the field of modern industry, design and manufacture of extrusion molds, production of profiles, paints and anodizing of this product, has been able to produce about 11,000 tons of aluminum profile sections annually according to the world’s standards.

Profile services from A to Z

From aluminum molding, billet casting and aluminum profile production to superficial services

Covering all industries

Manufacturing a variety of applied aluminum profiles in all industries

Our Products

Manufacturer of a huge range of aluminum profile products

Mihan Aluminum company’s products include a very high range of aluminum profile products, which we have generally divided into four large categories:

Construction Profiles

Includes aluminum profiles that are specialized in various construction sectors and construction industry.

Industrial Profiles

Includes all aluminum profile products having unique function in various industries.

General Profiles

Includes a variety of market aluminum profiles being utilized in total and general applications.

Proprietary Profiles

Includes the design and manufacture of proprietary aluminum mold according to the applicants’ order

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Proprietary aluminum molding

Extrusion molding is one of the main and most exclusive services of Mihan Aluminum Ghadir company. This advantage gives the manufacturers free reinto order their desired aluminum profile mold according to their application and requirements.

Covering all industries

In all industries and in any sector of various industries requiring for any aluminum profiles, Mihan Aluminum Ghadir is able to equip and support the desired sector.

Implementation from A to Z

Mihan Aluminum Ghadir implements all stages of aluminum profiles manufacture, from the design and manufacture of molds to the superficial services of profiles. One of the advantages of cooperation with the company is receiving a complete package of aluminum profile services from A to Z.

What are our services?
Mihan Aluminum Ghadir’s services include implementation of aluminum profiles services from A to Z.

Production of aluminum profiles for all industries

The company's aluminum profile production services are not limited to any boundaries and any aluminum profiles can be manufactured and implemented for all industries.

Aluminum profiles casting

Casting services include the process of converting aluminum ingots into aluminum billets carried out by DC machine.

Proprietary aluminum profile molding

Mihan Aluminum Ghadir extrusion molding service includes all stages of design and production of any dominant type according to customer's requirements and demands.

Execution of superficial operation of aluminum profiles

Superficial services of aluminum profiles includes anodizing process, brushing, polishing, electrostatic, wood design, etc.

Our services are not limited to a particular industry or sector. We will produce any industry with vacancy of any aluminum profile from A to Z.

Mihan Aluminum Ghadir ensures coverage of all industries by producing their aluminum profiles requirement.

Undoubtedly, industries include large and extensive sectors thatwe are trying to cover the many applications of aluminum profiles in all sectors of the industryby categorizing them:

Construction Industry

Aluminum profiles can be widely seen in various sectors of the construction and hardening industry. From these sections, we can utilize aluminum profiles in interior decoration, doors and windows, fences and handrails, building facades, etc.

Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunication Industries

Widely used products such as heat sinks and engine shells, are the evidences of the widespread application of aluminum profiles in the electrical, electronics industry, etc.

Heating & Cooling Industries

Application of aluminum profiles in products such as air conditioning, corneal radiators, etc., indicates the importance of using this aluminum product in the heating and cooling systems.

Medical Industry

The use of a variety of aluminum profiles in medical industry equipment such as clean room or isolation room of dental equipment, hospital equipment is quite evident.

Transportation Industry

Aluminum profiles have many applications in various sectors of transportation industriesdue to their light weight and high structural strength, such as automotive (refrigerated), rail industry, aerospace industry, shipbuilding, aircraft manufacturing, etc.

Domestic appliances Industry

Aluminum profiles are easily utilized in domestic appliances industry, especially in refrigerators, due to their high resistance to humid environments.

Renewable Energy Industries

Nowadays, we see all countries turning to the widespread use of renewable energy such as solar panels. Aluminum profiles with high environmental compatibility and unique features of aluminum metal have become a popular product in the industry.

Visit the industry page to visit the full categories of industries covered by Mihan Aluminum Ghadir.

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